Global Store-and-Forward Satellite Communications

A pole-to-pole global data service. Shift your non-IP traffic to the Kepler store-and-forward network can reduce costs and increase bandwidth available for remote satellite communications.


Use Cases

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  • Maritime


    The vast majority of maritime vessels are already equipped with satellite communication systems for phone and IP traffic, despite much of the data not necessitating real-time connectivity. Arctic bound vessels, for instance, require remote sensing imagery of ice flows in order to safely navigate. However, with the time scale of ice movement on the order of hours, this bandwidth-intensive data exchange does not justify the premium cost of IP satellite communications.

  • Natural Resources

    Natural Resources

    Practically every form of resource extraction, be it mining, oil & gas, hydroelectric, or wind/solar, necessitate bi-directional data exchange between the remote sites and operation centers. For instance, GIS data acquired in-situ needs to be analyzed off-site and utilized in the field to help guide development. An estimated 30% of data exchange in the natural resources industry is non-IP traffic, and substantial cost savings can be made through Kepler.

  • Research Facilities

    Research Facilities

    Data collected in extreme environments - such as oceanic, deserts, or at the poles - often needs to be processed by centralized data centers in order to guide field work. For example, arctic and antarctic researchers can lose multiple years of effort and tens of thousands of dollars when they are unable to transmit their in-field data to processing centers. Our truly global communication service will provide a much-needed bandwidth relief for these remote researchers.

  • Autonomous Sensors

    Autonomous Sensors

    Globally distributed sensor networks collect vast quantites of data without an economic means of dissemination. These networks collect everything from seismic data for predicting and mitigating the effects of earthquakes, to weather stations for taking environmental measurements, or fishery sensor networks for monitoring ocean health and livestocks. Kepler's increased and highly scalable satellite communications service enables more data collection from these global networks.


Service Plans

Low-cost, global satellite communications


Up to 250 MB$ 225/mo

$1.50/MB overage fee

Up to 500 MB$ 300/mo

$1.00/MB overage fee

Up to 2.5 GB$ 600/mo

$0.50/MB overage fee

Up to 7.5 GB$ 1,750/mo

$0.25/MB overage fee

Up to 12.5 GB$ 2,800/mo

Bandwidth management once limit exceeded

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