Antenna Engineer

Job Role

At Kepler, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a small dedicated team of engineers building our spacecraft. You will design, build, and test high gain phased array antennas that will fly on our satellites. Day to day you will interface with hardware, and software engineers on your team to characterize system noise and support layout / schematic decisions for different parts of the RF chain. A good understanding of the entire communications chain from coding to decoding and everything in between will make a candidate stand out.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, or equivalent
  • 2+ yr. experience with RF Circuit design and Antennas
  • 2+ yr. experience 3D EM Simulation tools (e.g. HFSS, SEMCAD or EMPro)
  • 2+ yr. of experience with one of the mainstream RF circuit simulation tools: AWR, ADS, Genesys.
  • Proficient in basic RF concepts such as impedance matching and filter networks, smith chart, network analysis, active and passive microwave components and systems (mixers, amplifiers, transistors at RF frequencies) and their figures of merit (IIP3, Noise Figure, etc.), microwave network analysis, RF filter design

Preferred Skills

  • Master’s of Science in electrical engineering with a focus on antenna array design
  • Microwave design using Agilent ADS, Genesys, HFSS, or AWR Microwave Office at multi-GHz frequencies
  • Exposure to beamforming techniques and phased array architectures
  • Understanding of link budgets and RF system noise analysis
  • Knowledge of RF transceiver architectures and digital communication theory
  • Excellent scripting skills (Tcl, csh/bash, Perl, Python etc.)
  • Prior experience building and testing antenna arrays
  • Experience in a hobby or University design team (e.g. CSDC, IREC, SAE)

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